Preaching Service

Since its beginning in the 18th Century the Methodist Church has been greatly blessed with itinerant Local Preachers who preach God's Word within a circuit. God raised up Methodism to spread scriptural holiness throughout the land, this is what lies behind it's emphasis on preaching. Local Preachers are people called and equipped by God and trained by the Methodist Church to preach His Word in love and truth.

Preaching Services are always planned in cooperation with the local church. Sympathetic to the local context with contributions of music, singing, readings and prayers often being made by others and led predominantly by a Local Preacher or visiting speaker.

Upcoming services

Date/time Location Preacher
Sunday 26 May, 10:30am Godshill Rev John Alvis
Sunday 26 May, 10:30am Gunville Rev Dennis Lloyd
Sunday 26 May, 11:00am Bowcombe Malcolm Dyer
Sunday 26 May, 6:30pm Newport Rev Helen Millward
Sunday 2 June, 10:00am Brading Jane Dronfield
Sunday 2 June, 10:30am Binstead Ray Felton
Sunday 2 June, 10:30am Wroxall Graham Fowler
Sunday 2 June, 10:30am Bembridge Elizabeth Lilley
Sunday 2 June, 10:30am Sandown Anita Burt
Sunday 9 June, 10:30am Wroxall Simon Judah
Sunday 9 June, 10:30am Cowes Rev Amanda Collinson
Sunday 9 June, 10:30am Arreton Margaret Steer
Sunday 9 June, 10:30am Sandown Rev Frances Watson
Sunday 9 June, 10:30am East Cowes Marion Best
Sunday 9 June, 6:00pm Binstead Rev John Izzard
Sunday 16 June, 10:00am Brading Margaret Steer
Sunday 16 June, 10:30am Shanklin Rev Helen Millward
Sunday 16 June, 10:30am Cowes Marian Izzard
Sunday 16 June, 10:30am Binstead Geoff Russell
Sunday 16 June, 10:30am Sandown Rev Dr James Izzard
Sunday 16 June, 10:30am East Cowes Shirley Whittingstall
Sunday 16 June, 5:00pm Shanklin Rev John Izzard
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Bembridge Mary White
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Shanklin Wesley Watson
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Sandown Rev Michael Whitfield
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Arreton Graham Fowler
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Binstead Andrew Hardiman
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am East Cowes Rev David Plumb
Sunday 23 June, 10:30am Cowes Jane Dronfield
Sunday 30 June, 10:30am Wroxall Teresa Preston
Sunday 30 June, 10:30am Binstead Rev David Plumb
Sunday 30 June, 10:30am Shanklin John Yates
Sunday 30 June, 11:00am Shorwell Rev Graham Akers
Sunday 7 July, 10:00am Brading Ray Felton
Sunday 7 July, 10:30am Sandown Rev Michael Whitfield
Sunday 7 July, 10:30am Wroxall Andrew Hardiman
Sunday 7 July, 11:00am Shorwell Margaret Steer
Sunday 14 July, 10:30am Bembridge Shirley Whittingstall
Sunday 14 July, 10:30am Sandown Malcolm Dyer
Sunday 14 July, 10:30am Cowes Andrew Hardiman
Sunday 14 July, 10:30am Binstead Rev John Alvis
Sunday 21 July, 10:30am Cowes Graham Fowler
Sunday 21 July, 11:00am Shorwell Maralyne Hollingshead
Sunday 28 July, 10:30am East Cowes Phyllis Plumb
Sunday 28 July, 10:30am Binstead Malcolm Dyer
Sunday 28 July, 10:30am Shanklin Shirley Whittingstall
Sunday 28 July, 11:00am Shorwell Jane Dronfield
Sunday 4 August, 10:30am Binstead Graham Fowler
Sunday 4 August, 10:30am Wroxall Ray Felton
Sunday 4 August, 10:30am Cowes Rev David Plumb
Sunday 11 August, 10:30am Shanklin Elizabeth Lilley
Sunday 11 August, 6:00pm Binstead Andrew Hardiman
Sunday 11 August, 6:00pm Cowes Rev David Plumb
Sunday 18 August, 10:30am Binstead Marie Flynn
Sunday 18 August, 10:30am Shanklin Alison Geddes
Sunday 18 August, 10:30am East Cowes Simon Judah
Sunday 18 August, 10:30am Cowes Malcolm Dyer
Sunday 25 August, 10:30am Cowes Wesley Watson
Sunday 25 August, 11:00am Shorwell Andrew Hardiman