Bible Study / Home Group

“The Bible is the record of God's self -revelation, supremely in Jesus Christ, and is a means through which he still reveals himself, by the Holy Spirit” (taken from the Methodist catechism). We should be familiar with the Bible and immerse ourselves in it, it is not enough to hear just a few verses read to us on a Sunday morning. The Psalmist David describes God’s word as “a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:115). By studying the Bible as part of a group on a regular basis enables us to grow and mature as individuals experiencing the revelation of Jesus Christ in our lives and ensures that we become an integral and useful part of the Christian community.

Bible study groups are accessible to all, comprised of people from many backgrounds, some with little or no knowledge of the Bible and some with many years -all can learn from each other. Typically, we meet in a home once a week and will focus on a particular section of the Bible, we also worship God and pray for each other. Everyone is very welcome. Check to see the group that meets nearest to you.

Church Details

Bible Study

  • Wednesday mornings
    Wednesday morning Reflection Time at Church is usually held in the Pudding Room, with coffee/tea/biscuits at 10.15am for an hour's Bible Study and discussion time starting at 10.30am, except during Lent and Advent when separate courses are held or when special courses are held, such as the 8-week 'The Bible Course' below which ran from November 2023 to January 2024. Our four-week 2024 Lent course began on March 6th.

Home Groups

  • Wednesday afternoon housegroup at June's home, starting at 2pm. This group is on pause but hopes to restart in March 2024.
Brighstone and Shorwell

Please go to our website

Brighstone and Shorwell Methodist Church

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Monthly Home Group held locally - focus on popular media - Bible study based on a recently released film.


These groups are currently suspended [C19] , but watch this space for details and future dates and times!